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SPRING 2019 Practice Schedule

Sprouts Soccer
  9:00 AM Saturday
10:30 AM Saturday

U5    8:45 - 10:15 AM   Field 7 Saturday  
U6  10:30 - 12:00 PM   Field 7 Saturday

Optional Group Training

U5/U6   Every Tuesday 5:30 Field 7  starting 2/26/19******
U8         Every Monday 5:30 Field 7  starting 2/25/19******
U10       Every Monday 6:30 Field 7  starting 2/25/19******
U12       Every Tuesday 6:30 Field 7 starting 2/26/19******

*****Training is optional, not mandatory and is being offered in addition to regular practices  

Rainout Policy

Games and Practices will be held, as long as conditions are safe and do not violate our rules or park guidelines.  As a standard, we will do our best to alert the entire club via email, texts, and field status with as much notice as possible on Practice Nights and Game Days should practices or games be cancelled.  However please keep in mind that certain Park closures and practice/game cancellations are determined by the City as well as the Badger Creek Complex Manager and they have the liberty to cancel depending on current field conditions or impending weather.

In the event games are cancelled games will be made up during the season as time and field space allow.  It is up to the home team coach to get with the opposing coach to find a date that works for both teams. If no dates work for the opposing coach then it will be a forfeit against the opposing coach/team

There are no refunds or credits due to cancellations due to weather

Remember if you are a U10 team and older and need to reschedule or cancel a game contact the Monday before the weekend game to avoid having a forfeit against your team 

Age GroupTeam NameCoachFieldNight/ SpaceTime
U8BFlamesJohnsonBadgerW        7B5:30
U8BLightningB. SmithBadgerM/W    7C 5:30
U8BRaptorsBurtonBadger F     6B5:30
U8BRocketsVishBadgerM/W    6A5:30
U8BSonicsGeorgeBadgerW        8B5:30
U8BTornadoesStickleEtowahT or TH5:30
U8GFirefliesRycykBadgerT         8A5:30
U8GHeatHoughBadgerTH      7C5:30
U8GLadybugs EtowahT or TH5:30
U8GPixiesDavisSixesW Section A5:30
U8GReignCastaldoBadgerW        8A5:30
U10BBlack StarsJacobsBadgerM/TH    7B5:30
U10BBlizzardsUlloaSixesM/F Section D5:30
U10BCobrasBielloSixesM/W Section C5:30
U10BCrazy CleatsP. SmithBadgerM/W     1D5:30
U10BHurricanesParkerBadgerM/W    11A5:30
U10BStingersMorrisBadgerT/TH WEST5:30
U10BStrikersO'DellSixesT/TH Section C5:30
U10BThunderB. SmithBadgerM/W    7C7:00
U10BTorpedoesPraterBadgerM/W WEST5:30
U10GEclipseHutchersonSixesM/W.    Section E5:30
U10GLady BeatBurrisBadgerW/F    8C5:30
U10GTwistersWhiteSixesT/TH Section A5:30
U12BDragonsShookBadgerT/TH   6A7:00
U12BLazersAmadorBadgerT/TH   1A5:30
U12BOutlawsDuncanSixesT/TH Section F5:30
U12BRaidersMinickBadgerM/W    6C7:00
U12BRoversStickleEtowahT/TH 5:30
U12BStrikersLizzaBadgerT/TH   6C5:30
U12BCobraBielloSixesM/W Section C7:00
U12BUnionVishBadgerM/W    6A7:00
U12BWolfpackPhillipsBadgerT/F      6A5:30
U12GBlitzAshleyBadgerM/W    6C5:30
U12GPrideWilliamsBadgerT/TH   6B5:30
U12GSurgeNaliwajkaSixesT/F Section B5:30
U12GWildcatsVaughnBadgerM/W   6B5:30
U14BDefendersWilliamsBadgerT/TH   6B7:00
U14BFusionP. SmithBadgerM/W   1D7:00
U14BHotspursLongstaffSixesT/TH Section D5:30
U14BInfernoLaneBadgerT/TH   1C7:00
U14BSpeedAmadorBadgerT/TH   1A7:00
U14GAvengersTangangBadgerM/W    1B5:30
U14GDynamoLizzaBadgerT/TH   6C7:00
U16BAustraliaChanBadgerM/W     107:00
U16BCrushMerrittBadger M/W    1A 7:00
U16BFuryAndruzziBadgerM/W    4B/77:00
U16BHornetsEllisBadgerM/W    1B7:00
U16BReal SteelArabiaBadger T/TH   1B 7:00
U19BAmigosBelloneBadgerW 4 TH 1D7:00
U19BPumasChanBadgerM/W        107:00




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