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Our Middle School Soccer league is where all different levels come together to represent their schools. Players tryout to be placed on a team in a level division.


Our league consists of boys & girls Varsity and Junior Varsity teams teams. They play a regular season and playoff games to determine the champion of each league.

If your player does not attend a school in Cherokee County or are private/charter/homeschool , we will designate a team. 


The coaching staff brings different levels of expertise, from recreational to academy/select coaches.

Game play: 

*  Each half will consist of 30 minute time period with a 5 minute halftime break. 
*  Must have a minimum of 7 players to start a match. 
*  Games will start promptly. There will be no grace period for players arriving late.
*  Players must have proper soccer attire to play. Shin-guards, Soccer Cleats,

    Team Jersey are required.
*  We will follow FIFA guidelines on subs. Any dead ball you can sub. 
*  3-points for a win  1-point for a tie 0 points for a loss

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