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Welcome To Georgia Impact

At Georgia Impact our coaches and administrators work according to a comprehensive Technical Youth Development Plan which was first implemented in 2012 and has been improved on every year. It is a proven method for developing players for the next level. Georgia Impact has produced many players for the collegiate, professional and national team levels since the implementation of the plan in 2012.

Our Process





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National League

Our Mentality

It is our belief that by following the steps as described in this plan our players will develop their game and talents.

Basically, at ages 8-12, we emphasize the technical development of all players. At ages 13-14, we focus on team playing and combination playing. From ages15-16, we emphasize different  systems of play and from ages 17-18 we focus on winning games.


All Georgia Impact teams are educated in the 4-3-3 system of play. It is in this system that we focus on triangles and possession with a purpose. We feel that the emphasis at the younger ages needs to be development first and winning second. As described above, this changes from u16 and above. At that stage, college prep or professional prep dictates that winning comes first and development, however still  important, comes at a a close second

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Our Coaching

Our coaching staff is annually selected and have to meet certain criteria to be considered.


All of our coaches have an extensive playing background from College to professional soccer and each must hold a minimum of a USSF National D License or equivalent. Many of our coaches have higher level license.

Our coaches come from countries such as Holland, Peru, Mexico, Scotland, Iceland, Bosnia, South Korea, and of course the United States. Some of our coaches have even played on their country's full National team have played in the World Cup


Our Competiton

At Georgia Impact we do not just want to offer the highest level possible, we also want to offer multiple levels in order to give each player the best competition available for their ability.


We are proud to have the majority of our top teams competing in National League against the other top teams in GA, NC, and SC. We also offer a unique playing experience in the Club Champions League where our players get to lay the best local competition.


Finally we are also very proud partners of Atlanta United and Glasgow Ranger FC in Scotland in order to give our players and coaches access to the top level in Soccer.


Our Family

Throughout the year you will often hear people mention the Impact Family. That is because we pride ourselves on knowing everyone at our club an working hard to deliver a product best for all families involved.


We are not trying to grow the club in to thousands of players as we would lose what we love most and that is knowing our families on a personal level.


If you are a returning player we look forward to growing our relationship with you and if you are new to the club then let us be the first to welcome you to the Impact Family where we are more than just a soccer club.

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