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Camps & Clinics

Impact Soccer will offer several camps and clinics throughout the year. Our camp dates will be posted on this page as soon as they are set. Camps are highly encouraged for all the players that want to put work in during the off-season to continue their growth as soccer players.

All camps have different topics and work on different player development areas. We hope to see you at our camps during Summer time.

If you have any questions about camps, clinics, or events, please contact Ross Keenan at


Camp Dates​

1. Spring Break Camp
Apr 4
Apr 6
2. Fun & Skills Camp
Jun 12
Jun 16
3. Finishing & Goalkeeper Camp
Jun 26
Jun 30
4. 3v3 Tournament
Jul 14
5. Rangers FC Camp
6. Fall Break Camp
Sep 19
Sep 21


For all Georgia Impact players (Competitive Soccer), we provide weekly goalkeeping training as part of their developmental curriculum. Goalkeepers will have the chance to attend 2 weekly sessions on top of their regular team practices.


Our goalkeeping training is led by 

Christina Sakoron (

Riley Wildeman (

For more information about our goalkeeping training, please contact our Goalkeeper coaches Christina or Riley.


School Academies

Impact Soccer offers school academy programming for Schools inside Cherokee County. All programs are done after school and the program duration is typically 8 weeks per school.

Currently, we offer programming at Clark Creek, R.M. Moore, Lyndon Academy, and Hasty Elementary.


To find out more information about our School Academies please contact Scott Craven at



Impact Soccer offers Futsal programming throughout the season and during the winter. 

To find out more information about futsal training please contact Fernando De Barros at

Image by Pascal Swier

Middle School League

Impact Soccer offers a Middle School league during the Winter (November-December-January)

All players from Cherokee County and surrounding counties are welcome to join.

Registration Fee $275

Our Middle School Soccer league is where all different levels come together to represent their schools. Players try out to be placed on a team in a level division. The league consists of boys & girls Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. They play regular season and playoff games to determine the champion of each league.

If your player does not attend a school in Cherokee County or is private/charter/homeschooled, we will designate a team. 

The coaching staff brings different levels of expertise, from recreational to academy/select coaches.



  • Each half will consist of 30 minute time period with a 5-minute halftime break. 

  • Must have a minimum of 7 players to start a match. 

  • Games will start promptly. There will be no grace period for players arriving late.

  • Players must have proper soccer attire to play. Shin-guards, Soccer Cleats,

  • Team Jerseys are provided.

  • We will follow FIFA guidelines on subs. Any dead ball you can sub. 

  • 3-points for a win  1-point for a tie 0 points for a loss

For more information please contact Jason Bishop at

Middle School
Soccer Player

Adult League

Spring Season Dates

March 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th
April 2nd, 16th, 23rd and 30th
May 7th and 14th

Impact offers three seasons of adult soccer play during the year: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

COST: $135 for a minimum of 8 games (depending on weather) and playoffs. $125.00 for team registration per player. (Minimum of 7 players for team registration)
Payment Plans - available at checkout!


All games will be played at Badger Creek Park.

Registration is done on an individual basis, then players are assigned to a team in two ways: a player request or random placement. The season fee includes field rental and referee fees. Jerseys must be purchased through the Impact gear store.

Practice: many times (when there is enough desire) there will be informal ‘kick-arounds’ during the week for all league players who want to get extra play/activity time. Once you are registered and on a team, you can play in games with other teams as well. Chances are you know someone or have friends on one of our teams. This is typically coordinated by your team captain.

All teams have their own personalities/characteristics. If you would like to experience another team, you can request another team the following season.

If you are new and have already registered, we welcome additional information about you and your preferences. If you know what team you want to be assigned to, please list it. If not, leave that blank. If you have played before, and really like playing a certain position, list that…it will help place you if you don’t have a team preference. Provide other info you would feel would help your placement.

Jerseys are required ($25)

For more information please contact Jason Bishop at

Adult League
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