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Separating the signal from the noise, the 2-minute technique

A technique to help you improve your ability to give specific feedback to players during both games and training sessions. 


Calming your inner voice

We all want to directly help our players improve, but often the best approach is to step back. 


The game IS the test

We often tend to think about the game as an extension of practice which can be highly coach-directed, but no teacher would ever run around a classroom screaming out the answers to a test and neither should you during the game. 


Turning a bad exercise into a great training session

Sometimes we have an idea for an exercise at practice that doesn’t work out very well. In this article, I tweak a bad exercise and come up with a great session. 


Making the point, the “freeze” technique

Communicating effectively with players is a challenge for all coaches, but the freeze technique is a great way to stop the action when you can have the greatest impact on your players growth. 


Nobody wins a 9-0 game

We have all been in non-competitive games, but how do you handle that? How can you and the other coach work together to make a game be a learning experience for all players? 


10 phrases I use in training

Using the same phrases repeatedly in practices and games can help improve and speed up communication to your players and make your philosophy clear. 


A model training session

This article profiles how you can take your players from warmup to scrimmage with some useful activities that can be used in a variety of ages and levels. 


The “Lowest Coaching Denominator” list of pet peeves

When I hear coaches shouting “don’t pass the ball across the middle of the field,” it makes my blood boil. Don’t pass the ball to the other team is the basic concept, but your phrases can limit your players options and understanding of the game and limit their growth. 


Why I don’t like “World Cup”, but I do love transition games

So many coaches use “World Cup” because it is a very competitive game and the kids love it, but it means that there is lots of sitting around and game situations that are not realistic. Transition games are even more fun and appropriate. 


Eliminating games of elimination

As a rec coach, you want to have players touching the ball as often as possible during a session. Elimination games like sharks and minnows can be tweaked to increase both intensity and teaching more realistic game play. 


“Helping” your players during a game

You are not the show during games and if you think you are, then you will want to read this article to see why you should modify your behavior for greater player development. 


A picture tells a thousand words, but a video…

Video is so easy to take and it can be used to show players in real time what is going on. There are lots of ways to use it effectively in your practices and games. 


The magic of your voice

Using your voice should be a deliberate choice on your part when working with your players. This article shares multiple ways to more effectively use your voice. 


Taking a snapshot

Communicating effectively with your players is an important skill for coaches. In this article I talk about the “Kodak” moment where you see a perfect illustration of what you want from your players and then you can use that to see how they compare.