Welcome To Cherokee Soccer Association


Our Recreational Program gives kids from U5-U19 the opportunity to develop skills that can be used both on the field and off.  We use the play/practice/play model that has been used in the Grassroots Soccer development program from US Youth Soccer.  Players will develop skills and use these skills to solve problems such as how to get past a defender, when to pass to a teammate and how to score a goal. 


Our U5-U12 teams play 8-10 in-house games once a week at Badger Creek.


Our U14-U19 teams play in the Rec Inter League program through Georgia Soccer. Their home games will be at Badger Creek and away games at the home venue of the opposing team. Our practice schedules come out a week before the season starts for ages U8 - U19. Our U5/U6 teams meet twice a week at Badger Creek, Tuesday nights at 5:30 and Saturday mornings U5 8:45 and U6 10:30.


How old are your kids?

For youth players, the age group within which a player participates is dictated by their birth date.

State Level Recreational Competition is configured for 2 year age groups except U4, U5, U6 and U19  (i.e. U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19).  If you have a birth year of 2015 your player woult be considered a U8 for the 2021-2022 season.

Age Group       Birth Year
  4 and Under    2018 
  5 and Under    2017 
  6 and Under    2016 
  7 and Under    2015 
  8 and Under    2014
  9 and Under    2013
10 and Under    2012 
11 and Under    2011 
12 and Under    2010 
13 and Under    2009 

14 and Under    2008 
15 and Under    2007 
16 and Under    2006 
17 and Under    2005 
18 and Under    2004

19 and Under    2003


Here's the cost of you soccer experience this season!

Seasonal Fees
FALL 2020/SPRING 2021
*U5          $140
*U6          $140
*U8          $204

*U8          $364 **this is our Developmental Pre-Academy Program for players that want to take soccer to the next level** Info
*U10        $214
*U12        $229
*U14        $234
*U16        $239
*U17-19   $239